Steps to Enrollment

Observing lessons allows interested families to better understand our philosophy by seeing the approach of the program in action so, if you should decide to join, you will be able to make a smooth transition into each class. Thank you for your interest in beginning your musical journey with WHIN Music Project.

1. Attend an Information Session.

2. Schedule observations

Determine which days and times work best for you and your child using the class schedules and calendar then contact the specific instructor to schedule observations a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your observation date.

  • Only the specific lessons and times listed in the schedule are available for observation. For example, if you would like to observe a beginner orchestra, you would need to contact Andrea Profili and request to observe her 4:00 Wednesday class. Afterward, Andrea will reply confirming whether or not you may observe the class. 
  • Please note the scheduled cancellations, holidays, community days, makeup weeks and location changes on the online calendar. Observations will not take place on those dates. 

3. Complete 2 or 6 observations

If you are applying for the Musical Foundations Program, observe 2 musical foundations classes (Saturday afternoons).

If you are applying for the Instrumental Program, observe 2 musical foundations classes (Saturday afternoons), 2 orchestra classes (Wednesdays), and 2 private lessons. The teacher will record your attendance only if you are present for the entire length of the lesson.  

This requirement helps you to become familiar with all of the instructional elements of the program. Involvement in the Instrumental Program is dependent upon participation in the Musical Foundations Program.

Important information regarding observations:

  • Class locations can be found on the schedules or on the "Visit" section of our website.
  • Arrive to your observation 5 minutes before the lesson start time. 
  • Please help your child listen quietly while in the lesson. If your child becomes restless, it is okay to leave the room, in order to avoid distracting the students taking the lesson. It is okay for children to bring a quiet activity such as play dough to the observation. Electronic devices are not allowed in the lessons.
  • Please reserve all questions for an email or phone conversation. The teachers will rarely be able to discuss questions during or after the lessons as they have to make sure to remain on schedule.

4. Submit the application form and wait for notification of acceptance to the program.

Once your application form has been processed, you will be notified of acceptance to the program, if there is an available spot.

5. Submit proof of income.

We collect proof of income in order to determine the financial aid award for each student. Proof of income can be submitted in one of three forms:

  •  Copy of the first two pages of your 2016 tax return/form 1040
    • Please redact confidential information.
    • The only necessary information is:
      • filer's name
      • address
      • marital status
      • adjusted gross income
      • taxable income
  • copy of past three pay stubs from each earner in the household
  • copy of official documentation that your child is a recipient of reduced or free lunch

Documentation must be submitted before registration can be completed. Contact us to setup an appointment to submit your documentation.

You may also email your documentation.

We will input the necessary information as a code in our billing software and will subsequently shred and permanently delete your documentation.

6. Sign the Enrollment Agreement

Participants sign enrollment agreements agreeing to program policies, accepting their financial aid package and committing to a payment method.  

We offer various payment methods:

  • Pay-in-full (September)
  • Two-Installments (September & February)
  • Monthly Installments (due 1st Wednesday of each month)
  • Payment Plan
    • If you cannot afford the monthly installments, inform us immediately and schedule an appointment to sign-up for an individualized payment plan. 

We accept cash, checks and money orders in person on the first Wednesday of the month.

We accept cash, check or money orders by mail as well as electronic bank transfers at any time.

We do not accept credit cards.

7. Register

8. Attend the mandatory orientation.

There will be a mandatory meeting for all newly enrolled parents/guardians at a time to be determined.

9. Begin lessons.

We will inform you of the date of your child’s first class.