Instrument Rental & Purchase Options

Before purchasing an instrument....

Please consult with your child's private teacher. The teacher will recommend the necessary size; please follow the teacher's advice, no matter what the instrument dealer recommends. In our experience, instrument dealers usually recommend a larger size than what the child actually needs. 

If you are buying the instrument locally, do your best to go with your child to the shop and have the child play different instruments before purchasing. Your child should be involved in the selection process to a reasonable degree.

Be sure to ask the dealer whether or not you may take the instrument home for a trial period. It is best to bring the instrument to the lesson before purchasing so that the teacher can check the quality of the instrument and bow. Instruments are not perfect; but there is a difference between a cosmetic flaw and a functional flaw. The teacher will help you identify any problems there may be with the instrument before you buy it.

Although we provide instrument rental services at WHIN, we do not sell instruments. The most economical option for instrument acquisition is to purchase as soon as possible from a dealer who has a trade-in policy and who provides instruments of a high quality in addition to student models. We recommend three dealers. 

NY Quality Strings 

A local string instrument shop with a rent-to own program. A percentage of NYQS business profits go directly to WHIN Music Project.

Shar Music

A company headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI run by knowledgable representatives. They offer a rent-to-own program as well as 100% trade-in policy. 

Johnson String Instrument

A small shop located in Cambridge, MA run by knowledgable representatives. They offer a rent-to-own program as well as a trade in policy.