Financial Aid 

As of May 2017, we will be collecting proof of income in order to determine the financial aid awarded to each student. Proof of income can be submitted in the form of a Tax Account Transcript, past three pay stubs from each earner in the household, or official documentation that your child is a recipient of reduced or free lunch. These must be submitted in person before registration can take be completed. You may bring the document to your child's private teacher so that we can scan a copy for our files. 

After submitting your proof of income, we will provide an invoice and enrollment agreement to be signed and kept on file. 


We offer various payment methods. 

  • Pay-in-full (September)
  • Two-Installments (September & February)
  • Monthly Installments (due 1st Wednesday of each month)
  • Payment Plan
    • If you cannot afford the monthly installments, inform us immediately and schedule an appointment to sign-up for a payment plan. 

*If your account has an overdue balance from the 2016-2017 school year, you must sign-up for a payment plan and make a payment before your child can be enrolled for summer or fall programs. The account does not have to be paid in full by June 2016 in order for your child to enroll for summer or fall, but we do require that monthly payments are made consistently in order to re-enroll. Contact Kathryn in order to setup a payment plan.  

update important information

If any of your important information has changed since last year, please update it using this form.