Program objectives

Short Term Objectives for Participants

  • Improve communication
  • Gain organization skills
  • Practice problem solving

Long Term Objectives for the Program

  • Build a robust work force through providing hands-on experience
  • Cultivate teachers, conductors, artists, leaders, and supporters of the arts
  • Promote financial well-being

Curriculum overview

Hands-On Experience

  • Classroom assisting and observing 1 hour per week
  • 15 minutes of guided podium time per week
  • 1 hour of co-working per week
  • 1 hour of ensemble work per week

Online Training

Access to online training courses through Lynda.com


A year-long project to documenting the goals, training, evaluations, personal projects, and fundraising efforts. 


Evaluations will be conducted every semester. 

Participants of Orchestrating Mentors will train 150 hours per year, and those that complete the program and show the most promise may be offered the opportunity to maintain employment with Orchestrating Dreams.